WHY should I consign?

 Looking for a SIMPLE way to turn your kid's clutter in cash?


Make $300 and sell it ALL in 3 days!


If you've tried selling at consignment shops, you know they often offer a low price for all your items, or only accept a few things...

Selling items in Buy/Sell groups will have you running all over town for meetups or dealing with no-shows!

You quickly realize decluttering this way can be time-consuming and often not very profitable!!

 We can help!

Consigning with us means a BIGGER check & a lot less FRUSTRATION!

            Our Average Consignor takes home $300!!

                         How it works:

1. Register to consign! Tag you items using our easy online system.

2. Drop off your items on our drop off days.

3. Pick up your check at the end of the week! 

You get 65% of your earnings! 

You can bring AS MANY items as you want!!

*limits apply to certain sizes of clothing


THOUSANDS of Moms will shop

 our upcoming events!

Trading Hands SPRING/SUMMER sales


Springfield MO: MAR 18-20, 2021 

Ozark Empire Fair E-Plex

Springfield IL:  APR 23-25, 2021

EXPO Bldg, IL State Fairgrounds



 SIGN ME UP! This stuff needs to GO!!

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Is Consigning with Trading Hands REALLY worth it?

                                                     SO EASY!!




Q:  I'm so busy! Doesn't it take a long time to consign?

A:  NO! Our online system makes creating tags FAST and EASY!! Gather your items and start tagging now!

Q:  I sell on FB Buy/Sell sites & Craigslist. Why should I consign?

A:  Imagine being able to sell ALL your items in ONE weekend, in ONE PLACE! No posting individual pics. No running all over to meet up with buyers. Drop off ALL your items with us and WE do the rest! SO much easier!

Q:  How does this work?

A:  Once you register, you are issued a consignor number that you will also use at future sales.  Our website talks you through the process: what to bring, how to tag, etc. You create tags by entering your items description, pricing, etc into our online system. Once you tag your items, you drop them off on drop off day. Then you pick up your check at the end of the week! It's really that easy!

YES! I'm ready to consign!  CLICK HERE to register!