Step 2: Gather Up Your Stuff, Mamas!!

Clean out those stuffed closets and overflowing toyboxes!  

Reclaim some of that precious storage space and turn your clutter into CASH!!!  Gather everything your kids have outgrown or do not use. 

What Can You Bring?

We accept most anything for babies &kids!

Not sure about an item?  Text 417-496-5837 or email questions to

Children’s/Teen Clothing/Women's Atheisure

(Spring/Summer items only for Mar/April sales. Fall/Winter items only for Aug/Sept sales.)

Girls Sizes - Newborn thru size 16-18 

Boys Sizes -Newborn-Sz 20, Men's S-XL & waist sz up to 34"

*Men's clothing sizes must be tween/teen appropriate styles. No Dad clothes accepted! ie. Dad graphic tshirts, golf shirts or dad styles.


LIMIT OF 20 items in each size group. 20 total of each combined size group, ex 20 TOTAL of NB and 0-3mo:






 NO LIMIT-> size 18mo/18-24mo & UP!


LIMIT OF 30 items in each size group: 






 NO LIMIT-> 18mo/18-24mo & UP!


Maternity clothing (tops/bottoms) NO LONGER ACCEPTED


*NO LIMITS GIRLS 18 months-size 16!

*NO LIMITS BOYS 18 months & up!

(no limits on shoes, accessories, bagged onesies, other baby suppl ies)

Shoes size newborn to mens/womens sizes in kid/tween/teen style, includes cleats & dance shoes 

Accepting Women's Athleisure clothing sz XS-3X, workout/yoga capris/leggings, workout tops/tanks, athleisure lightweight jackets/pullovers, Lularoe clothing. Must be current styles. NO OTHER WOMEN'S CLOTHING ALLOWED: ie no work clothing, dress clothes, etc.

Other items: Belts, Hats, Ties, Pajamas, Robes, swimsuits, cover ups, Dress-Up Clothes, Backpacks, Lunch boxes, Kid Luggage, umbrellas, Hair bows,  Accessories, etc.

Athletic attire including basketball/soccer shorts & jerseys, baseball/football pants, cleats, etc. SPORTS EQUIP/CLOTHING ACCEPTED SPRING & FALL

Dancewear & Gymnastic Leotards are hot items!

Spring/Summer items include: 

Short Sleeve Dresses/shirts, Sleeveless shirts/dresses, Tank tops, t-shirts in light colors or with spring/summer designs, Boys short sleeve t-shirts (even in dark colors), lightweight pajamas, Skirts, Capris, shorts, Easter dresses/outfits, 4th of July-themed clothing, jeans, sandals, white dress shoes, tennis shoes, lightweight dress pants, cowboy boots, unlined Crocs, Swimwear, lightweight jackets/windbreakers. Jeans/denim overalls, cowboy boots, long sleeved baby sleepers and long/short sleeve onesies are accepted at both sales. PLUS swimsuits, life jackets and beach towels/cover ups! NO FLEECE or long sleeves at Spring Sale! Long sleeves ONLY accepted if pastel or has a springy print (bunny, flowers, etc)

Fall/Winter items include:

Dresses/skirts/pants in winter fabric (see below), winter coats, snow suits, snow pants, boots, hats/scarves/gloves, fleece lined jackets, wind breakers, tennis shoes, dress shoes, pajamas, Halloween costumes, winter holiday outfits (Christmas, Valentine's, etc), fleece baby snowsuits, sweaters, sweatpants, hoodies, t-shirts in dark colors or winter designs, long sleeved shirts, turtlenecks, fleece jackets/pull-overs, jeans, pants, pajamas, robes, etc. Long sleeved  baby sleepers and long/short sleeved onesies.

**We accept short sleeve dark tshirts Boys size 6 & up. "**
Winter fabrics include: Denim, Velvet, Fleece, or Corduroy


 Pregnancy books, nursing aids, nursing covers nursing bras/tanks, post partum supports, Boppy-style pillows, breast pumps & accessories, milk storage bags/containers, etc.

Childrens/Teen Toys

Outdoor play equipment, Play Houses, bicycles/scooters, Lego tables, scooters, ping pong tables, air hockey tables, slides, water tables, tents, art easels, wagons, remote controlled cars, toy cars/trucks,  Superheroes, Beyblades, Legos, K'Nex, Lincoln Logs, train sets, matchbox cars/racetracks, doll houses/castles, Barbie, My Little Pony, dolls & doll accessories, play house toys: vacuums, plastic food, Dress up outfits, Build-a Bears/Build-a-Bear accessories/outifts, electronics (no Rated M games), animated stuff animals (all stuffed animals have to DO something: sing/talk, etc)

Step 2 and Little Tikes items are hot sellers!

Please check your items for recalls at

Baby toys

Activity mats/gyms, popping toys,cars/trucks, farm toys, Little People,  duplo, rattles, developmental toys, ride on toys, tricycles, and more

Baby Gear/Nursery Items

Cribs (made after June 28, 2011), co-sleepers, changing tables, rockers/gliders, toddler beds, strollers, dressers, car seats, high chairs, swings, exersaucers, bouncy seats, Snugglies/baby slings, diaper bags, blankets, sheets, crib sets (bumpers must be included in a set), diapers/cloth diapers, swim diapers, training pants, bibs, swaddlers, high chair/car seat/stroller covers, changing pads, bottles, nipples (new in package), lovies/feelies, feeding supplies, nursing covers/bras, pumps, booster seats, step stools, bath tubs, bath towels, bath toys, potty chairs, baby monitors, mobiles, unopened/not expired formula/baby food, room decor, etc.


Car seats must be within 5 years (unless otherwise stated by manufacturer) of the manufactured date, at least 1 yr from expiration date and not involved in an accidents. Please GOOGLE your carseat make/model and INCLUDE the expiration date on your tag!!

Children furniture/decor

Pictures, lamps (remove light bulb), mobiles, wall hangings, cradles, toy boxes, bassinetts, co-sleepers, twin beds, bunk beds, storage bins, dressers, desks, Childrens/baby bedding: sheets, comforters, crib sets, etc. * Bumpers must be included in a set! Room decor decorative pillows, pillow pets, night light/light up stuffed animals, oversized stuffed animals for room decor.
(Décor must be child/baby related/tween/teen style)

We do NOT accept glass items (unless in picture frame/art): snow globes, lava lamps, piggy banks, etc

BEDDING MUST BE HUNG! Larger bedding can go in giant ziplocks or comforter bags!



Children’s books, parenting/nursing books, homeschool curriculum & supplies, videos & DVDs (rated G to PG-13), Game Boys, Video Game equipment (no Rated M games) etc.  (NO VHS or Cassette Tapes)



 MO Consignors have a limit of ONE TUB of books per Consignor

WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING COLORING BOOKS or SCHOOL SUPPLIES (notebooks, binders, folders, pencil cases, etc!

Seasonal Items Halloween costumes, Christmas outfits, etc. (Fall Sale), Easter dresses/outfits, 4th of July themed clothing, swim diapers, swimsuits, cover-ups, life jackets, pool toys, etc for Spring sale. Outside toys/climbers accepted at both sales. Easter baskets, Halloween buckets etc.  PARTY SUPPLIES/DECOR NO LONGER ACCEPTED      


 Our Guidelines

To maintain the quality of the sale, we enforce very strict guidelines. All clothing and shoes will undergo a thorough inspection. Any item that does not meet our high standards will be removed from the sales floor. We DEPEND on you to examine your items appropriately.


All clothing must be free of stains, holes, tears, or torn hemlines. No items with odors, pet hair, missing or broken zippers, snaps, or buttons will be accepted. All clothing must be applicable to the upcoming season.

ALL clothing must be HUNG on hangers with the exception of undershirt onesies and infant lounge pants. 

NO other infant clothing should be bagged. 

Nightgowns, sleepers, legging, etc must be on hangers.

 Must be current styles.


Shoes should be in excellent condition! Must be current styles.

They must be clean and free of rips and tears.

Sizes NB-men/womens sizes if kid/teen friendly styles!


Clean, clean, clean! All items must be clean and in working order. Battery operated toys must have working batteries.

Items must have all parts and pieces attached securely.

30% value of item deducted from consignor check if item is not working or all pieces are not included. Item will be removed from floor and returned to consignor

Books/Videos/Video Games/Music Books

Books need to be in excellent condition free of marks and torn pages.
Videos, music, and video games must include cover/case.

DVD/video games must be free from scratches and play. 


30% value of items deducted from consignor check if games/DVDs do not play, are missing from case or in wrong case. Item will be pulled from floor and returned to consignor.

 MO CONSIGNORS: Limit of ONE TUB of books per Consignor                                  



  • USED workbooks
  • MATERNITY clothing
  • JUNIOR GIRLS clothing->any clothing over sz Girls 16
  • GLASS OBJECTS: figurines, piggy banks, tea sets, porcelain dolls, etc due to high risk of breakage. We will accept glass in picture frames/art.
  • Party supplies: napkins/plates, streamers, gift bag toys, etc
  • Drop-side Cribs or ANY crib made before June 28, 2011.  Cribs can not be donated either.
  • Used pacifiers, panties, or underwear (except training pants)
  • Stuffed animals (unless battery operated/has a function)
  • Items missing necessary parts
  • Items without batteries, if required
  •  R-rated videos or DVDs or mature themed movies
  • Video games Rated R or Rated M
  • VHS or cassette tapes
  • Worn/broken books, mature themed books
  • Videos without the cover or case
  • CDs with mature/inappropriate lyrics
  • Car Seats over 5 years older than the manufactured date or involved in an accident or within 1 yr of expiration (unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer)
  • Recalled toys or equipment
  • Clothing with excessive wear, stains holes, missing buttons, broken zippers, odor, or pet hair
  •  Women's size or brand of clothing
  • Do not bring Fall/Winter clothing to Spring/Summer sale or vice versa.
  • Underwear that has been worn or out of package. Underwear new/in package IS accepted.
  • Patterns, fabric or other sewing items.


**Long/short sleeved onesies, Jeans, overalls and cowboy boots, sports equip/uniforms and dress up clothing are accepted at both Spring/Fall sales.


(Please check your items for recall by visiting the Consumer Protection Safety Commission's website)