Step 3: Prep Your Items

All items must be hung and tagged PRIOR to arriving for Drop Off. 

The steps below explain supplies you will need and how each type of items should be prepped.

Gather your supplies:


1) Gather Your Items to Sell and Inspect Each Item.

We DEPEND on you to examine your items appropriately. Any item that does not meet our guidelines will be removed from the sales floor.


We have limits for the following clothing items:

CLICK HERE for What to Bring

Clothing Preparation Tips

The better they look, the better they sell!


Items that are improperly hung/tagged will be returned to you at Drop-Off. You may fix the item and have it re-inspected.


Safety Pin at shoulders securely

Items that fall off their hanger will be re-hung as time allows. Items that fall off hangers can be damaged, separated/lost and are not able to be sold!


Safety pin to the top portion of hanger, at the waistband. 

Attach safety pin as close to hook as possible, so item does not slide on hanger. 

Zip-ties/cable ties work great for jeans or anything with belt loops! 


Two-piece outfits: 

Place shirt on the hanger. 

Safety pin pants/skirt/shorts at the waistband to the shoulders of the shirt with garments pinned back-to-back.

 Make sure that both items are visible.



Undershirt or loungewear for babies with wide neck and snap crotch, typically solid color or basic pattern/print. 

Long & short sleeve onesies are accepted Spring & Fall. Knit lounge pants for babies are also accepted Spring & Fall.

Basic onesies and knit pants can be HUNG or BAGGED in small bundles of similar design.

Onesies that are more decorative or shirt style (meant to be an outfit vs. loungewear) should be HUNG. We accept long/short sleeve undershirt style onesies every sale.

Sleepers, pajamas, nightgowns and sleep sacks should also be hung like clothing.





Question about how to prep an item?  Email for help!!

Preparing Shoes

Use either of these two methods:

Preparing Toys

All toys need to be clean, in working order, and have all pieces. Battery operated toys must include batteries. (This lets shoppers know item works.)

Package toys with small pieces or directions in a clear, sealed bag.

Preparing DVD/Video games/Board Games/Puzzles

Please make sure DVD/CD/Video game is free of scratches, will play and the CORRECT disc is in the case!

PLEASE make sure all game pieces and puzzle pieces are included!!



There are certain types of items we cannot inspect at drop off and we trust Consignors to ensure all items have essential pieces included and all electronic items have fresh batteries and work properly.

If  items such as: 

Trading Hands will deduct 30% of item's value from consignor paycheck if:

Preparing Baby Equip


Preparing Car Seats