Step 4: Make Tags for your items!  

Here's SUPPLIES you need:

WHITE CARDSTOCK: available at Sam's, Staples, or home office section of  Walmart/Target or Amazon. You do NOT want to run out and cardstock gets harder to find during consignment season!!!

We cannot accept tags on copy paper. They crumple and rip off. Cardstock MUST BE WHITE!! No shimmer/glitter or colored cardstock please.

Here's How to Get Started!

You will log into your consignor page, add your item's info online and our system will generate it into a tag format!! 

You'll add: description, price, discount on Sat, donate if not sold and catergory/size/gender for shoes/clothing. 

1. Log into> log into your consignor page
->activities menu->work with consigned inventory: 

EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS HERE: add inventory, print tags, work with inactive inventory (where all items from previous sales are), etc.


Log into>log into your consignor page->activites menu->work w/consigned inventory-> 
ACTIVE Inventory <-this is where you will begin adding your items to the database!

Have items from previous sale you want to bring??
they will be under activities menu->work w/consigned inventory
->INACTIVE inventory. Pick if you want to "activate" all for upcoming sale or just select the ones you want!
From here, you can select which format you would like to use:

1. mobile & laptop/PC: enter item info by typing
2. mobile & laptop/PC Voice Entry: enter item info by voice
**PLEASE read instructions on site prior to using Voice Entry

At this point, for each item you are consigning, you will enter item the following:

  • catergory-> ONLY needed for clothing/shoes, optional for other items
  • size/gender-> for shoes/clothing/dancewear/leotards/swimwear/costumes only
  • item description-> ensures we can match item to tag if they become separated. **Optional to enter online, you can leave blank and hand write later. See below
  • price-> starts at $1.00 and increases in $0.50 increments
  • discount/no discount-> we highly recommend discounting items!! If marked DISCOUNT, tems will be discounted on Sat of sale, 1/2 Price Day
  • donate/no donate-> if donating, be sure to mark DONATE!

Our system will generate this info into a tag format!

Once your items are entered, you can print all tags when finished (or you can print tags as you go)!

IMPORTANT:  ALL items must be entered into the system by these deadlines.  The system will close at that time and changes can NO LONGER be made to the tags.  However, you CAN still print tags after this deadline.

Springfield MISSOURI:  TUES AUG 31, 2021  8:00pm

Springfield ILLINOIS:    TUES SEPT 21, 2021  8:00pm



 TAGGING OPTION 1 : Print Your Own Detailed Tags

1. Log in to your consignor account using the tab below or visit
If you are a New Consignor, you can register and receive a consignor number as well.

2. Once you are on your consignor page, access online tagging by clicking:
 Here, you will enter each item's description into the online system.

IMPORTANT: When making your tags using our online tagging system, please fill out all the info on the tag template, including:

  • Size/Gender (for clothing/shoes/leotards/dancewear/bathingsuits/coats)
  • Brief item description (to ensure we can return tag to item if they become separated)
  • Discount/No Discount: you will choose whether or not each item will be discounted to 50% off on 1/2 Price Day on Saturday.
  •  If you edit tag info after it is printed, you MUST reprint tag! Do NOT handwrite on the tag to change discount option.
  • Donate/No Donate: If items does not sell, do you want it to be donated? If so, click DONATE. If items does not sell, do you want it back? If so, click NO DONATE.
  • Below is an example of a completed tag. Tags print 10/pg




Missouri Sale - Login
& Create Your Tags

Illinois Sale - Login
& Create Your Tags

TAGGING OPTION 2 - Create Tags with Barcode and Blank Item Description Area

You will create your tags using our online system.  These tags will include the items price, discount/no discount and donate/no donate. You will hand write the items description and Size/Gender.

Perfect for quickly tagging items! You will not be able to track item descriptions on your SOLD ITEM list, but item pricing will be displayed.

Here's to create tags with Blank Items Description Area: 




Tagging Guidelines:


Due to clothing space limitations, there are limits on the following clothing sizes/catergories ONLY:

  • MO LIMIT: Limit of 20 clothing items per size/gender of NB up to 18 months
  • IL LIMIT: Limit of 30 clothing items per size/gender of NB up to 18 months
Our sale groups baby clothing sizes together as follows:

12 mo/12-18 mo

  • LIMITS ONLY APPLY TO CLOTHING ON HANGERS. Limits do not apply to shoes, accessories, bagged onesies or other baby items.
  • GIRLS: no limit size 18 mo up to Girls 16!

    BOYS: no limit size 18 mo and up!

  • We no longer accept maternity CLOTHING or Junior Girls sizes (over size Girls 16).


If you bring over 400 items, you are considered a High Volume Consignors. High Volume Consignors will be asked to work the Sat pm Sort shift. If you choose not to work Sort shift, you will have an additional 5% deducted from your consignor check.

     EVERY item must have it's OWN UNIQUE tag.  Ex. You CAN NOT print the same $2.00 tag multiple times for different items.  You can, however, print as many $2.00 tags as needed.  WHY?  Because each tag has a unique item number.  If you print the same tag repeatedly, our system will show that item number 26 has sold.  If you have multiple copies of item number 26, our system cannot recognize it at the register.


Once you have entered your items into our system, you are ready to print!

**You CANNOT print tags until you enter items into the system.**

  • Log into your consignor page-> Activities Menu-> work with consigned inventory-> Print tags
  • Select : "Print Select Tags" if you would like to print a few tags now and the others  later, "Print All Tags HTML" if you would like to print ALL tags, or "Print All Tags PDF" if you want to print all tags and save as PDF to print at home or elsewhere (see below for instructions to print at copy shop)
  • If you have problems: try the "Print All Tag PDF" option or switch browsers and try to print through different browser. 
Tag Printing Tips: 
  • Make sure printer has a FULL cartridge. We cannot accept hard to read tags.
  • Set printer on normal setting (not high quality).
  • Turn off all pop-up blockers on your computer before printing.
  • Do not resize tags. Tags print 10/page.
  • Previous tag styles WILL STILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • Use WHITE cardstock only.  Cardstock can be found in the office supply section of Walmart, Target or office supply stores. 

  • If printing a large volume of tags, wait until the entire template has downloaded before printing. Failing to do so can result in incomplete tag printing.
  • Pop up blockers can cause print template to not show. Disable pop-ups.
  • If printing is not working, switch internet browsers and try again.



You have options:

OPTION 1:  Springfield MO area consignors:  You may contact the local print shop, COPYBIZ, and have them print your tags. 

COPYBIZ is located at 2961 E. Chestnut Expy. 



Once your items are entered, your can select "Print all tags PDF" and have them printed at any print shop or quick print shop (Kinko's, UPS, etc) or upload to and pick up in store! Staples will even cut tags for you!

Missouri Sale - Login
& Create Your Tags


Illinois Sale - Login
& Create Your Tags

Questions about creating tags, printing tags, or how our tagging system works? Contact


Whatever the item is, MAKE SURE THE TAG WILL STAY ON!!

Hanging & Tag Placement for Clothing




Bedding/Baby Blankets/Hooded Towels/Shopping Cart Covers/Nursing Covers/Car seat covers:

Items can be hung over heavy duty hanger, secured with pins and tagged.

Bagged Items:

Securely tape tag to OUTSIDE of sealed bag, with clear packing tape.


Shoes loose tags constantly! Bagged shoes follow instructions for bagged items. Non-bagged shoes can have the tag taped to the bottom of the shoe by wrapping clear tape around the end of the shoes. You can also zip ties or use yarn/zip tie to secure tag.


Securely tape tag to sealed bag with clear packing tape. Large, odd-shaped or difficult to tag items can have tag taped, zip-tied or use yarn to attach tag. Make sure toys has all pieces secured. JUST MAKE SURE IT WILL STAY ON!!


To prevent damage to outside of paper book, use painter's tape or masking tape and tape tag to BACK of book.

Games/DVDs/Puzzles/Board Games:

Use clear packing tape to secure tag to item. Painter's/masking tape can be used to prevent damage to puzzle or board game box.

Backpacks/Purses/Lunchboxes/Baby Slings/Diaper Bags:

Safety pin or zip-tie tag securely to item

Big Items (furniture, baby gear, bikes, etc):

Loosely attach your tag and we will help you attach a secondary HOLD TAG at Drop-Off and secure both tags.