Step 5: Drop Off Your Items 

EVENING appointment slots fill FAST so sign up early!!

Please schedule a 15 min appointment for every 100 items you bring and schedule the appointments back-to-back. Ex: bringing 174 items, schedule 2 appointments, 3:00-3:15pm and 3:15pm-3:30pm.

IF DROP OFF APPOINTMENTS ARE FULL: You can come ANYTIME during drop off hours as a Walk-In! Walk-ins are inspected around other appointments. Please allow extra time as wait time can vary, depending on how many are ahead of you.

Bringing over 700 items? Email to schedule your drop off. Limited spots available so email early!!


Springfield MISSOURI Sale

Mon. Mar 11, 2019 4pm-7:45pm 

Tues. Mar 12, 2019 9am-7:45pm    


Schedule a
Drop-Off - Missouri


Springfield ILLINOIS Sale

Mon. Apr 22, 2019  4pm-7:45 pm 

Tues. Apr 23, 2019  9am-7:45pm

Schedule a
Drop-Off - Illinois


1) When you arrive for your appointment, check-in at our Consignor Check-In station, inside the front door.

  • You will sign-in, Team Members helping during the sale will register for door prizes (MO)and you will receive your PreSale armbands.  DO NOT lose these wristbands.  NO replacements are given. **You will receive Presale Passes when you drop off your items! If you do NOT drop off items, you will not receive Presale Passes**
  • You may then begin bringing items in.  We have a limited number of rolling racks and carts.  You are welcome to bring a dolly, wagon, etc.
  • If you drop-off without an appointment, you will be considered a walk-in. You can drop off ANYTIME during drop off hours as a Walk-In. Your items will be inspected by the next available Inspector, around scheduled appointments.

2) Inspection:

PLEASE organize clothing by size & gender PRIOR to Drop-OFF!

  • ALL TAGGING MUST BE COMPLETE PRIOR TO ARRIVING FOR DROP OFF! We do not have the space to accommodate tagging.
  • Check-in with the Inspector at an open Inspection Station.
  • Your Inspector will check ALL items your bring in.  Any items not meeting our guidelines will be returned to you or donated.  Any item tagged incorrectly can be corrected at our Retag Station.


Your items will be inspected for:

  • stains, spots, tears, excessive wear, odor/pet hair, missing buttons, zippers, recalled items, etc.
  • Proper tag placement and tag securely attached.
  • We reserve the right to pull additional items during the sale week.
  • Items we cannot inspect, such as bagged items, boxed toys, games/puzzles, DVDs/video games or electronics that plug in, must include all pieces, be in working order and not stained/defective

If any items are found to be defective or missing pieces after inspection or after purchase, 30% of the item's value will be deducted from the consignor's check and item will be pulled from sales floor.


2) Next Stop: Large Items Tagging Station

If you have Large items, such as outside climbers, baby swings, large toys, etc, they will receive a large item tag, in addition to your consignor tag.  At the Large Item Tagging Station,  a Team Member will assist you in filling out this tag and securing it to each item.  

 Please bring any necessary tools to assemble items.


WHEN ALL YOUR ITEMS ARE CHECKED-IN, YOU ARE FREE TO GO! (We may ask your help in placing items on sales floor)

Tips for a speedy Drop-Off:

  • Scheduling a Drop-Off appointment is recommended.  You will schedule a 15 min. appt for every 100 items you are bringing.  Please schedule consecutively, if possible.  Bringing over 700 items?  Contact to schedule your appointment.
  • Bring necessary tools for assembly of large items.
  • Please arrange clothing by size and gender before Drop-Off.
  • We have a limited number of rolling racks and carts.  You are welcome to bring a cart, wagon, dolly, etc to assist you.


Our Team Members will now be placing items on the salesfloor for you!

We may need your help at times, but we strive to have Team Member move items to the sales floor.

 Please group toys and other sale items by catergory, to help us quickly place items on sales floor:

  • Action figures, trains, arts & crafts, barbies, games, puzzles, baby supplies, bedding, etc. 
  • Books will be grouped: Soft books, board books, pre-k, early readers, chapter books, youth books, parenting.
  • Baby items: monitors, feeding items, receiving blankets, bedding, bathing items, etc.