Step 5: Drop Off Your Items

Our goal is to make the drop off process fast and easy!

Drop off appointments are SUGGESTED but NOT required!



You can come ANYTIME during drop off hours as a Walk-In! 

Walk-ins are inspected around other appointments. Please allow extra time as wait time can vary, depending on how many are ahead of you.

EVENING appointment slots fill FAST so sign up early!!

Please schedule a 15 min appointment for every 100 CLOTHING items you bring and schedule the appointments back-to-back. Ex: bringing 174 clothing items, schedule 2 appointments, 3:00-3:15pm and 3:15pm-3:30pm.

**You are ONLY scheduling drop off times based on the number of CLOTHING items you are bringing** 

Springfield MO Sale Drop Off Dates

Drop off registration opens Wed July 28!

MON AUG 30, 2021   4pm-7:45pm 

TUES AUG 31, 2021   9am-7:45pm 

*we will close promptly at 8pm each night, so please plan accordingly.



Schedule a
Drop-Off - Missouri

Springfield IL Sale Drop Off Dates

Drop Off registration opens Wed Aug 25!!

MON SEPT 20, 2021  4-8pm 

TUES SEPT 21, 2021 9am-7:45pm

Schedule a
Drop-Off - Illinois


1) When you arrive for your appointment, check-in at our Consignor Check-In station, inside the front door.

2) Inspection:

PLEASE organize clothing/shoes by size & gender PRIOR to Drop-OFF! Other sections like toys, baby supplies, etc need to be grouped together for easy drop off!!


Your items will be inspected for:

If any items are found to be defective or missing pieces after inspection or after purchase, 30% of the item's value will be deducted from the consignor's check and item will be pulled from sales floor.


2) Next Stop: Large Items Tagging Station

If you have Large items, such as outside climbers, baby swings, large toys, etc, they will receive a large item tag, in addition to your consignor tag.  At the Large Item Tagging Station,  a Team Member will assist you in filling out this tag and securing it to each item.  BE PREPARED TO FILL OUT THE TAG(S) FOR YOUR LARGE ITEMS.

 Please bring any necessary tools to assemble items.



Tips for a speedy Drop-Off:


YOU will now be placing clothing on the sale racks and other items in bins at the END of their sections.

 You will place items in their sections:



Registration to schedule drop off appointments opens Feb 8th
Registration to schedule drop off appointments opens Feb 8th