Pricing Guidelines

Tips for pricing your items to $ELL:

Remember, the idea is to get unused/unwanted stuff OUT of the house.  Think to yourself, “What would I pay for this item?”  Below are some pricing suggestions.  This is only a guideline.  YOU, as the consignor, determine your sale prices. Price competitively!

Click here for accepted merchandise.  Contact us with any pricing questions.


Pricing Suggestions

(listed below are dollar amounts)


Infant Boys Girls
Shirts 1-4 2-8 2-6
Pants 2-4 3-8 3-8
Outfits 2-6 4-10 3-10
Dresses 2-6 2-10
Sweats 1-4 1-5 1-5
Shorts 1-3 1-6 1-6
Uniforms 4-10 4-10
Holiday 3-8 4-15 4-20
Coats 4-15 4-18 4-20
Jackets 3-10 2-10 2-12
Costumes/Dress-up 3-10 2-10 3-10
Shoes 2-4 2-8 2-8
Boots/Cleats/Dance 4-10 4-10
Socks/Tights 2-3 2-3 2-3
Dancewear 3-7
Swimwear 2-5 2-5 2-5


 *No items may be priced below $1.00.  Multiple items may be bagged together to increase sale price (ex. Bag of socks/tights, bag of onesies).  Play/Activewear clothing will typically sell for less than dressier items.



Toys must include all pieces AND batteries, if needed. 

 This lets the buyer know the item works!

Infant 2-4

Puzzles 2-3
Toddler 2-4

Games 2-5
Preschool 3-5

Electronic 2-10
Developmental 3-10

Little People Sets 4-20
Hot Wheels 2-5

Wooden Toys 3-10
Hot Wheels Sets 4-15

Wooden Busy Box 5-25
Action Figures 2-5

Dolls 2-5
Playsets 4-12

Doll Houses 5-50
Musical Toys 3-10

Push Toys 2-5


*No items may be priced below $1.00.  Toys may be bagged together to increase sale price (bag of Matchbox cars, bag of dollclothes, rattles,etc)


Large Toys/Outdoor Toys

Playhouses 50-250
Small climb and slide 20-60
Large climb and slide 60-200
8-in-1 climb and slides 175-250
Small slides 6-18
Large slides 12-35
Sandboxes 10-18
Pedal cars 20-90
Plastic tricycles 15-80
Metal tricycles 20-60
Toddler scooters 8-15
Big Kid scooters 8-20
Bikes 8-25
Pull behind bike trailer 40-80
Picnic tables 10-30
Tables & Chairs 10-20
Chairs 2-5
Wooden chairs/rockers 5-20
Interactive kitchens 50-75
Plastic kitchens 18-60
Wooden kitchens 45-80
Plastic workbenches 10-30
Plastic desks 10-40
Wooden desks 25-50

1 seat Power Wheels w/battery & charger

1 seat Power Wheels w/o battery & charger 20-30
2 seat Power Wheels w/battery & charger 70-125
2 seat Power Wheels w/o battery & charger 40-70
Teeter totters 15-40
Spring horses 15-40

*These items are hot sellers! Large/Plastic toys can vary greatly in pricing due to overall condition: sun fading, wear, cleanliness, features, etc.  Scrubbing those outdoor toys and giving them a coat of Armor-All will really refresh its look.   It might be helpful to consult ebay, Craigslist or look up original retail value to help determine a competitive price.



Please check recall list before pricing items.  Any items on recall list will be removed from salesfloor and disposed of.  We cannot donate recalled items.  Visit or


Cribs 50-100

*NO drop-side cribs or cribs made before June 2011 accepted or donated

Bassinet/co-sleeper 25-30
Changing table 15-35
Wooden dressers 25-50
Pressboard dressers 10-20
Wooden toddler beds 25-50
Plastic toddler beds 15-30
Themed molded plastic toddler beds 50-125
Metal toddler beds 15-25
Toddler mattress 10-25
Rockers 25-60
Gliders 40-70
Gliders w/ottoman 50-90

*Sellers must be prepared to assemble all furniture at Drop-off.  Please bring necessary tools.  We can assist you bringing items inside.


Infant Gear

Pack n' Play 20-75
Exersaucers w/accessories 25-40
Exersaucers w/o accessories 10-20
Swings 20-50
Play yards 25-75
Activity mats 6-12
High chairs 15-50
Booster chairs 5-7
Potty chairs 5-7
Diaper Genie 5-10
Bathtubs 2-5
Bumbo seats 5-15
Bouncy seats 8-20
Boppy-type pillows 5-15
Slings/Baby Bjorn/front carriers 5-35
Back pack carrier 30-65
Umbrella stroller 5-7
Single stroller 10-40
Double stroller 25-75
Sit n' stand 40-60
Travel systems 25-120
Jogging stroller 40-85
Double jogging stroller 50-110
Safety gates 4-15
Car seats
20 & up

*Car seats must be less than 5 yrs old, less than 1 yr from expiration date & not in an accident.  Check manufacture date on carseat.

*Baby gear pricing can vary greatly depending on brand name, amount of wear, age and features.  Please clean these items thoroughly.  Take liners out of items (ex. High chairs, car seats) to find hidden crumbs and gunk.  Checking the retail price may help you price your item competitively.

*Please check all items for recalls at or  No recalled items will be accepted.  Any recalled items will be removed from sales floor and disposed of.  We cannot donate recalled items.



Books 1-8
DVD 2-6
Disney DVD 4-6
Computer games 3-5
DS/Gameboy/PSP games 5-15
Video games (Wii, XBox, PS, etc.) 8-20
Gaming systems (Wii, XBox, PSP, etc.) check new, retail price to determine price

*No items may be priced less than $1.00.  You may bag items together to increase price (ex. Bag of 2+ board books, etc).  Board books will sell on lower end of price range, while chapter books and homeschool curriculum will sell on higher end.

*No DVDs over PG-13 accepted.  No games rated M accepted.

*Please tape DVDs/Games cases closed to help prevent theft.

*VHS and cassette tapes are no longer accepted.