Springfield MISSOURI PreSales 

Wed. Aug 28, 2019

Team Member Pre-Sale

Wednesday, AUG 28, 2019 12pm-8pm (staggered entry times)

Team Members helping during the sale week will receive (1) Team Member pass plus (1) Guest pass to the Consignor PreSale.

Children & Spouse are welcome during your early shop time! NO passes needed!

Team Member helping:       Shop Time:

Team Leaders            Tues. Aug 27  8pm

  WED AUG 28, 2019

Media, Sort shift + (2) 3 hr shifts OR (4) 3 hr work shifts     12pm

Sort shift + (1) 3 hr shift OR  (3) 3 hr shifts                           12:30pm

Sort shift OR  (2) 3 hr shifts                                                    1:00 pm

(1) 3 hr shift                                                                               1:15pm

 Snack provider, Drink Provider, Social Media Sharer          1:30pm

Consignors & Guests Pre-Sale

Wednesday, AUG 28, 2019  1:45pm-8pm

Consignors will receive (1) Consignor pass and (1) Guest pass to attend the Consignor Pre-Sale.

Children & Spouse are allowed during Presale shopping! NO passes needed!

First Time Mom/Grandparents/Foster Parents Pre-Sale

Wednesday AUG 28, 2019  3pm-8pm

Pre-Registration is required. You will receive an email via Madmimi. Confirm and receive pass for you and a guest to the First Time Mom/Grandparent/Foster Parent Pre-Sale. Registration is limited!!  Click Here for more info.

**Expectant moms, First-Time moms including adoptive & foster moms (babies must be under 1 yr) are welcome!!  

Children are welcome to attend, no passes needed!


Wednesday AUG 28, 2019  4pm-8pm


First Responders

Military (Active/Retired/Veterans/Reserves)

Medical personnel


Preregistration is required. SPACE IS LIMITED. Please bring along your work/school/military ID. You may bring along 1 adult guest and children.


We will be offering 2 EARLY BIRD SHOPPING OPTIONS open to ANYONE!!

Want to shop THE BEST selection?! Here's your chance!!


5pm Early Bird Entry for just $7!! Ticket details to come!!

6pm Early Bird Entry for just $5!! Ticket details to come!!

**With each purchased entry pass, you can bring 2 additional adults and ALL the kids!!

1/2 Price Presale 

FRI AUG 30, 2019

ALL Volunteers & Consignors get to shop 1/2 Price Day EARLY!!

BRING YOUR TRIBE!! Friends/kids/spouses welcome! 

Shop Fri. Aug 30  4pm:  Sort + 2 shifts, 4 shift

Shop Fri. Aug 30  4:15 pm: Sort + 1 shift, 3 shifts

Shop Fri. Aug 30  4:30 pm:  Sort, 2 shifts

Shop Fri. Aug 30  4:45 pm: (1) 4 hr shift,Snack/Drink provider                                                           or Social Media Sharer

Shop Fri. Aug 30  5pm: ALL CONSIGNORS!!

Shop Fri. Sept 20 5:30pm: First Time Moms & Heroes with pass                                                 from Wed pm!!

Shop Fri. Sept 20 6:30pm: Early Bird Entry shoppers from                                                           Wed pm!!