Shopping Tips

We want you to have a great experience when shopping at Trading Hands Kids Sale!! 

Wear comfortable shoes! Our building is very large so you will be walking and standing quite a bit.

BIG ITEMS SELL FAST! If you are looking for big items: baby gear, outside toys, kitchens/workbenches, etc, plan to shop opening day at 9am! They are HOT sellers and will go FAST!

Opening Day and 1/2 Price Day are Black Friday level of crowds and lines until about 1pm! If crowds aren't your thing, shop after 1pm opening day or anytime 9am-7pm Fri!  All the bargains without the crowds!

During out busy times, we have 12 cash registers at the MO sale and 10 registers at the IL sale for a speedy checkout!                                                                     

We have a limited number of IKEA shopping bags. Feel free to bring a large bag, laundry basket or rolling basket to carry your items.  We will have a Hold Area available to place your items while you shop.

Our large items (furniture, baby gear, big toys, etc) have a two-part tag. 

How it works:

If you wish to purchase the item, remove the lower portion of the tag, which has the price tag and carry it with you. The TOP PORTION of the tag needs to filled out with your name/number, so we know that item is spoken for.  Bring an ink pen! You have now claimed the item and it can remain on the sales floor until after you purchase it.  It cannot be sold without the tag.  If you see a large item without a tag, it means someone intends to purchase it.  You may contact a Team Member to verify that item has been claimed.

Bring a list of your child's shoe and clothing sizes. Some shoppers bring a tape measure to measure waistbands and inseams.  We do not have dressing rooms and all sales are final.  Before purchase, please check the clothing tags for size.  Items are sometimes placed in the wrong size or mistagged.  We will have Sort Tables near the check-outs for you to inspect your items before purchase.

Looking for something specific? We will have lots of signage to direct you or ask a Team Member for help.  Boys/Girls clothing will be separated by size. Ex. Girls Size 8 section will have sizes 8 or 8-10 together.  Please check tags of clothing to ensure accurate size as clothing can be misplaced/mistagged.

Don't forget to register for our $100 gift certificate drawing at the registers! One lucky winner will receive a $100 to spend at our next event!!

We accept Visa/Mastercard credit/debit and cash. Please bring your ID if using a card.  An ATM is available onsite at the Missouri sale.  All sales are FINAL. Sales tax applies to purchase