Pre-sale passes are issued when you drop off your items.  Hang onto those passes!!      No replacements can be given.


In an effort to maintain the high standards our consignors and customers have come to expect at Trading Hands Kids Sale, we have set forth these guidelines to ensure we maintain a sufficient number of helpers during the sale week.

I agree that as a Trading Hands Helper I will:

  • I understand that without consignor's help, Trading Hands could not maintain the quality of event that consignors and customers have come to expect.  For this reason, if I cannot fulfill my designated work shift, I will try to find a friend or spouse to fill my shift. 

    Cancellation Deadlines:

    Springfield MISSOURI sale: 8pm Sat. Aug 24, 2019

    Springfield ILLINOIS sale:    8pm Sat Sept 14, 2019


    If I cannot, I agree to have the following penalties applied to my consignor account if I should fail to complete my entire shift or fail to cancel any of my work shifts by the above listed deadline:

    In the event that an unforeseen situation arises, Trading Hands will allow a family member to replace the worker with NO penalties. 

    I understand that as a helper, I cannot:         


            Other Info:

    Thank you for helping to maintain the quality of Trading Hands Kids Sale.   We truly appreciate you giving your time to help make Trading Hands run smoothly!!