Job  Descriptions:

Below is a basic description of the shifts available throughout sale week.  Please note some shifts are not suitable for those pregnant or with certain health issues.  We can always find a position if you have limited mobility, etc. or if shift times do not work with your schedule.  Feel free to email us:

Rack Set-Up

Unloading and setting up wooden racks and electrical conduit.  Lots of walking/lifting. Spouses welcome!  If you own work gloves or a drill, that would be helpful!



Setting up and moving tables, clothing racks, baskets & signs, unpacking supplies.  Lots of walking/lifting.   
This is not a good shift for pregnant moms or those with joint problems/health issues.


Perfect for those with an eye for detail.  You will be inspecting consignor clothes/shoes and other items as they come in.  Inspectors watch for stains, missing buttons, excessive wear, seasonally appropriate, proper tagging, etc.  Plus, you get a sneak peek at all the great stuff!


Love to organize and arrange?  This is for you!  We will get the sales floor organized and tidy before the sale opens.  Includes:  arranging shoes, toys, bedding and everything else by catergory, arranging large items neatly.

Help During Sale hours

During sale hours, help is needed to greet shoppers at the front door or help shoppers locate specific items, return items to sales floor, assist shoppers with large purchase, security, helping in Hold Area,etc.  You will be on your feet for this shift and lifting may be required.


This shift begins at 3pm MO/1pm.

During this shift, all unsold merch must be sorted back to the consignor.  Ability to lift/walk/stand for long periods is required for this shift.  This is not a shift for pregnant moms or those with joint/health issues.

You will be able to take home your unsold items and check after this shift!  No need to return for Pick-Up!!


Pick Up

Help consignors during Pick-up, check items as Consignors leave. Help load donated items.

Rack Tear Down

Breaking down and moving tables/racks, packing supplies, loading trailer Lifting/walking/standing is required.  This is not a shift for pregnant moms or those with joint/health problems.

Sale Tear Down

 Packing up electronics, office supplies, signs, etc.  Loading trailer.  LIfting/walking required but not a heavy duty position.