In June 2019, there was a new Federal ruling that impacts the Consignment Industry. 

This new ruling allows sales to hire seasonal employees for our event!

Volunteers that worked to earn higher % of sales have been replaced with paid work shifts!!

1. Awesome perk #1: Early Shopping!

 First dibs on all the bargains?? Yes please! 

MO: ALL Seasonal workers get to shop Presale Day at NOON!

You will receive 2 passes to shop Presale, one for you and your family for Noon, 

one for your guest and their family for 2pm!

        2. Awesome perk #2: Make More MONEY!!

Say What?? Tell me more!

Seasonal workers will be paid $10.30/hour in MO, $11/hr in IL! (2021 state min wage)

*you will be required to fill out I-9, State/Federal W-4 tax documents and provide copy of drivers license and social security card ahead of sale and return them before you are eligible to work. 

Seasonal employees will be paid the week after our event, paychecks will be mailed. 

You will receive a W-2 in January.


Help during the sale and earn AWESOME benefits!

How It Works:

  1. Early Shopping! 

Every Seasonal Employee receives:

MO/IL: (1)  Pass to shop NOON!! 

PLUS YOU GUYS!! Remember!! ALL your children + Spouse are welcome to shop with you during Presale!

(1) Guest PreSale pass for ONE (1) guest to shop the Consignor & Guest PreSale Wed 2pm. 


2. We will send out a sign up via email.

MO Work Shifts open: July 28, 2021

IL Work Shifts open: Aug 25, 2021

You will receive a confirmation email for any sale week shifts you schedule. 

We reserve the right to remove/reschedule work shifts.





Team Leaders Presale                    Shop Tues 8pm, Shop 1/2 Price Presale Fri 3pm

ALL Seasonal Workers Presale      Shop Wed Presale Noon, shop 1/2 Price Fri 4pm!         

$5 Consignor Early Shop     ANY Consignor can pay $5 to shop Wed Presale 1pm and 

                                               shop 1/2 Price Fri 4:30pm!!

Consignor + Guest Presale    
ALL Consignors + Guests shop Wed Presale 2pm sales and 1/2 Price Friday 5pm!!


Work Shifts are optional but you won't want to miss out on this 


AWESOME opportunity!




Missouri - Click Here
to Register to 

Illinois - Click Here
to Register to 


 Seasonal Employee Policies                                       

If you agree to work a shift, we expect you to fulfill your duties and not No-Show, leaving us short handed. If you must cancel a shift, it MUST BE DONE A WEEK BEFORE THE SALE. 

Any last minute cancellations or No-Shows will result in termination and loss of future work opportunities.

Please arrive 10 min prior to shift.  You will turn in all your tax forms at this time, prior to being eligible to work.

You will be signed in/out by Trading Hands admin or clock in/out using time clock. 

All employees must sign in/out for every shift to be paid. If you do not clock in/out for a shift, YOU WILL NOT BE PAID. We will NOT be adding hours or clocking people in/out AFTER a shift.

If you are scheduled for a shift, you may be dismissed early if we are overstaffed.

When you arrive, you will receive an Employee Handbook with all Trading Hands policies. You will sign a form stating you have received the handbook and reviewed the policies.

NO children are allowed during shifts, for safety purposes.

All employees must be 18 or older.

Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing!

No shopping allowed during work shift.

Snacks and water will be available during all shifts.  A fridge and microwave is provided.  Breaks will be given during each shift.

Please allow time for item drop-off before or after you shift, if applicable.

More employee policies TBD.


    Shifts must be rescheduled/cancelled by the following dates, to avoid penalty:


Missouri Sale:   8pm Sat. Aug 28, 2021

Illinois Sale:       8pm Fri Sept 17, 2021


  • If unable to fulfill your shift after the deadline, you MUST contact Julie at ASAP.
  • You CAN NOT send someone to fill your shift.
  • If you do not fulfill your shift, you will not be allowed to work at future Trading Hands events.