Work Shift Registration 


July 26 for MO and Aug 19 for IL!!



Because you have even SWEETER perks coming your way this Fall!!


1. Awesome perk #1: Early Shopping!

 First dibs on all the bargains?? Yes please!

        2. Awesome perk #2: Make More MONEY!!

Say What?? Tell me more!

                                                                                       Super Volunteer Janet organizing the floor!

Help during the sale and earn AWESOME benefits!

How It Works:

  1. Early Shopping! The more you help, the MORE $$ you make and the earlier you get to shop the bargains!

Every Team Member receives:

(2!!) Team Member Passes to their Presale Shop time!! 

One for you and the other is your BUDDY PASS for your BFF, Mom, mechanic, whoever you want to bring!! 

This is NEW and AWESOME!!

PLUS YOU GUYS!! Remember!! ALL your children + Spouse are welcome to shop with you during Presale!

(1) Guest PreSale pass for ONE (1) guest to shop the Consignor & Guest PreSale Wed 2pm


2. Earn 70-80% of your sales! Just 1 shift gets you 70%!!

(Consignor base % is 65%)




Shifts & Benefits:


Work (4) 3 hr shifts OR Sort + (2) 3 hr shifts      Earn 80% of your sales! Shop Presale Noon, get Buddy Pass for your                                                                                                       BFF to shop at Noon, shop 1/2 Price Fri 4pm!          

Work (3) 3 hr shifts OR Sort shift + (1) 3 hr shift     Earn 75% of your sales! Shop Presale 12:30, get Buddy Pass for                                                                                                   your BFF to shop at 12:30, shop 1/2 Price sale Fri 4:15pm!

Work (2) 3hr shifts OR Sort shift Earn 73% of your sales! Shop Presale 1pm, get Buddy Pass for                                                                                                    your BFF to shop 1pm, Shop 1/2 Price Sale Fri 4:30 pm!

Work (1) 3 hr shift                           Earn 70%! Shop Presale 1:15pm, get Buddy Pass for your BFF to shop 1:15pm!                                                                                                                  Shop 1/2 Price Sale Fri 4:45pm!


Bring Snack or Drink or NEW Social Media Sharing Shift     Earn 70% of your sales! Shop Presale 1:45pm, get Buddy                                                                                          Pass for your BFF to shop 1:45!  Shop 1/2 Price Sale Fri 4:45pm!

*Please Note:  Increase of split applies to your first $1000 of sales.  All sales over $1000 revert to the standard 65/35 split.  Ex.  If you have $1425 in sales, $1000 is at 80/20, $425 is at 65/35 split

 **NOTE**  Snack/Drink shifts and Social Media Sharing Shifts are not the same as a 3 HR shift and DO NOT qualify for increased %

Drink Provider: brings (4) cases of individually approx. 16oz full-size bottled waters (at least 18 ct and $20 value)

Snack Provider Option (1):  bring $20 value of individually portioned bagged variety of chips (sun chips, doritos, ruffles, etc) or granola bars.

Snack Provider Option (2):  bring $20 value of individually wrapped bite size (think Trick or Treat sized or smaller) variety bags of chocolate (kit kat, reese's, snickers, milky way,etc)                                                              Do not bring full size candy bars, please.

NOTE:  All drink/snacks can be delivered when you drop off your consigned items! No need to make 2 trips!

Social Media Sharer: If interested, email the local FB buy/sell/trade groups, Mom/MOPS groups, homeschool groups, etc that you belong to and are willing to share a minimum of 5 FB posts/events. You must belong to a minimum of 3 FB groups to share to.


ALL Consignors & Guest           Earn 65% of your sales! Shop Presale 1:45 pm! 

                                                          Shop 1/2 Price Sale Fri 5pm!!


Volunteering is optional but you won't want to miss out on the 


AWESOME benefits!

 MO and IL Team Members, who help for 8 or more hours,

 can enter to win a drawing for 100% of profits plus gift certificates!




Missouri - Click Here
to Register to Help

Illinois - Click Here
to Register to Help


 Team Member Policy                                      

 Please arrive 10 min prior to shift for training.  Be sure to sign in to receive credit!!

NO children are allowed during shifts, for safety purposes.

Teens age 16 and over can work WITH a parent for increased credit. Children under age 16 can NOT work for credit.

Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing!

To be fair to shoppers and other Team Members helping, we ask that you not shop or pull items from the sales floor during your shift.

Snacks and water will be available during all shifts.  A fridge and microwave is provided.  Breaks will be given during each shift.

Please allow time for item drop-off before or after you shift, if applicable.


    Shifts must be rescheduled/cancelled by the following dates, to avoid penalty:


Missouri Sale:   8pm Sat. Aug 24, 2019

Illinois Sale:       8pm Sat. Sept 14, 2019


  • If unable to fulfill your shift after the deadline, you may send your spouse to fill your shift, without penalty.
  • If you do not fulfill your shift, you will not be allowed to help at future Trading Hands events.
  • We realize that unforeseen circumstances can arise.  We will evaluate each circumstance on a case-by-case basis.