Why Consign with Trading Hands?

Why Consign?

Looking for a SIMPLE way to turn your kid’s clutter in cash?
Make $300 and sell it ALL in 3 days!

* No more Buy/Sell group hassles! *
* Sell it ALL at once! *
* Higher % than consignment stores offer! *
* YOU name your prices! *
* No haggling on prices at garage sales! *
* You don’t have to be present while your items sell! *

Consignor FAQs

What is a consignment sale?
When a person or company sells your items on your behalf in exchange for a commission, it is called a consignment sale. You are consigning with Trading Hands for a 3-day sale, verses a longer period in a store.
Will you take all of my items?
In order to maintain the quality of the sale, we thoroughly inspect every item. It is often easy to miss a stain or tear at home while preparing your items. If an item does not meet our standards, it will be removed from the sales floor. Please see our accepted items.
Can I use a tagging gun?
Yes. However, tagging guns leave larger holes in clothing.  For this reason we ask that you insert the gun through a seam in the clothing or tag, if possible.  Tags must be placed on the right side of the garment.  Due to tagging guns only piercing the tag once, items run a higher risk of losing tags.
When do I drop off my items?
Consignors can now schedule a Drop-Off appointment to make the drop-off process easier and faster!  Please allow 15 min for every 100 items you bring. Bringing more than 300? Contact julie@tradinghands.net to schedule. Otherwise schedule an appointment online.

Not able to schedule a Drop-Off appointment? You are still able to drop-off your items during our drop-off hours but you will be considered a Walk-In. Your items will be inspected as time allows between scheduled appointments. Be aware this may lead to a longer wait.

When do I pick up my unsold items?
Consignors will pick up their unsold items during the specified times. Any items not picked up during the scheduled pick-up time will be donate to a local charity.
How do I price my items?
Items should be priced at the amount you would be willing to pay if you were the shopper. Generally, you can price your items 25 to 30 percent of retail and they will sell. Infant-teen clothing should be priced competitively. Bigger items will go 25 to 50 percent of the retail price. We encourage you to price competitively. It is common to have duplicate items on the sales floor. Also, take advantage of our 1/2 price sale and let items be discounted to 50% off. This can really boost your earnings! Click Here for our Pricing Guidelines for more details.
Can I participate in the sale if my items do not have barcodes or tags?
No. Our registers scan barcodes to track Consignor sales, so all items must have tags with barcodes. If you are unable to print tags, you can create tags through out tagging system that are blank (in the description area) and will have the priced barcode imprinted.  We can print the tags and mail for a fee or you can arrange to pick up the tags.
What will happen to my item if the tag comes off during the sale?
We will NOT sell any items with missing tags. We do our best to match lost tags with the items.  If unable to locate tag, items will be removed from the sale and placed in the ‘Lost and Found’ area. Please make sure to check the Lost and Found during pick-up.  To ensure you items have the best chance of selling, please follow our item prep and tagging guidelines.
When will I receive my check?
You will receive your check when you pickup your unsold items during the pickup hours. You must show a valid state issued photo ID to pickup your check. If you are unable to pickup your check at this time, we will mail it within one week following the sale. *NOTE: We make every effort to have checks available at pick-up. If due to some unforeseen circumstance (technical issue, loss of internet, etc) we are not able to have checks available, all checks will be mailed the following week.
Can a friend or relative pick up my check?
Yes, if they are a spouse, or they have a valid photo ID of the person named on the check.
Can I bring my child to the Pre-Sale?
Children are allowed during the Team Member PreSale.  Each Team Member will receive (1) Child Pass, plus a Guest Pass to the Consignor PreSale. A child or child in a stroller would require the Child Pass.  Babies in a sling/carrier would not require a Child Pass. Children can attend the Consignor Pre-Sale and the New Mom & Military PreSale with a Guest Pass.  Babies in strollers and children require a Guest Pass.  Babies in a sling or a carrier do not require a Guest Pass.

Children are welcome during ALL public sale hours.

How do I attend the Pre-Sale?
If you have registered as a consignor, you will be issued a Consignor Pre-Sale Pass for yourself, and you will be issued a Guest Pass to the Consignor Pre-Sale, that you may give to anyone.  These will allow you to shop at the Consignor’s Pre- Sale that precedes the public sale. These passes will be issued to you during drop-off. You MUST bring the pass in order to attend the sale. Only one person may attend per pass. Children or babies in strollers would be considered a Guest and require a Guest Pass.
Can I use barcodes or tags from previous sales?
No. As of Spring 2013, we have a new tagging system. Any tags printed prior to the Spring 2013 sale can no longer be used.  Those items will need retagged, using our current tagging system. This includes any handwritten tags (on index cards) using barcode stickers.