Pricing Suggestions/Guidelines

Tips for pricing your items to $ELL

Remember, the idea is to get unused/unwanted stuff OUT of the house.

Think to yourself, “What would I pay for this item?”

Below are some pricing suggestions. This is only a guideline. YOU, as the consignor, determine your sale prices. Price competitively!
Common name brands (Gymboree, Children’s Place, OshKosh, Carter’s, etc) will sell at 40-80% off retail. Higher end brand (LL Bean, boutique clothes, etc) will sell higher, while store brands (Target, Wal-Mart, etc) may sell lower. Items that are unique, new, like new or in demand will sell priced in the higher range. Items that may be present in large quantities (ex. NB-2Tsizes or Boppys) may sell a little lower.
Spending a little extra time prepping your items (ex. Ironing clothing, scrubbing outdoor equip, etc) can often help you get the price you want and sell YOUR item, especially if there are several similarly priced items!

40-80% of retail

Common name brands will sell at this amount. Higher end brand will sell higher, while store brands may sell lower.

*Play/Active-wear clothing will typically sell for less than dressier items.
*Toys must include all pieces AND batteries, if needed.
*Large Items are hot sellers! Large/Plastic toys can vary greatly in pricing due to overall condition: sun fading, wear, cleanliness, features, etc. Scrubbing those outdoor toys and giving them a coat of Armor-All will really refresh its look. It might be helpful to consult ebay, Craigslist or look up original retail value to help determine a competitive price.

$1.00 Minimum

No items may be priced below $1.00. Items may be grouped to increase sale price.


White cardstock

(DO NOT print tags on white copy paper or color/shiny/sparkle cardstock)

Clothes hangers (preferably wire, but thick plastic is accepted). NO flimsy plastic hangers or pants hangers (with clips)Regular and large safety pins. NO straight pins, staples, clothes pins, please!

Zip-ties (great to loosely hang jeans by beltloops, attach shoes together or secure pieces of toys/baby gear)

Yarn (great to secure shoes)

Zip-loc baggies of various sizes.

Blue painters tape or masking tape for tagging books/puzzles (will not damage)

Clear packing tape (to seal baggies closes). DO NOT use scotch tape to attach tags to items or seal bags shut. Tags WILL fall off and bags WILL open!

Preparing and Tagging

Print Tags on White Cardstock

White cardstock available in home office section of Walmart/Target, at craft stores and office supply stores or Amazon.

We will NOT accept tags printed on copy paper. Tags will crumple, tear, fall off and we want your items to SELL!

**NOTE: We will not accept any tags with price or discount status hand corrected. If you change the price/discount status in the online tagging system, you MUST reprint the tag.** At the check out, we will always honor the original printed tag info.


You can save your tags as a PDF then have them printed at local print shops like UPS Store, Office Depot, FedEx/Kinkos or Staples! When you order, specify to print on WHITE CARDSTOCK. They’ll even cut them for a small fee!

For large items, loosely attach your tag and we will help you attach a secondary HOLD TAG at Drop-Off and secure both tags.